China Grove Municipal Court

The China Grove Municipal Court handles the judicial processing of Class C Misdemeanors that originate from traffic citations, citizen complaints, animal control violations, municipal code violations, and misdemeanor arrests. The Court is responsible for maintaining pertinent case files/records, including arrest records, formal complaints, citation disposals, state reports, court cost records, docket records, trial proceedings, refunds and forfeitures, and warrants for failure to appear and non-payment of fines. The Court is also responsible for reporting court information to the various departments of the State of Texas as well as processing of payments to the State for fines and fees collected by the City as required by State Law.


China Grove Municipal Court is a "Court of Record."


A defendant may pay a fine, make a payment on an extension, or request the driving safety course during court office hours on or before their court appearance date. Payments may also be made at


DO NOT take the driver safety course until you have contacted the court office.


Dress code for appearance in Municipal Court is No Shorts, No Tank Tops, No Flip-Flops, or any other inappropriate dress. 


The Bailiff/Judge may order you to leave if it is determined that you are in violation of the dress code.

Court Clerk

Clarissa Sczech

City Attorney


Prosecuting Attorney

John A. Mead

Municipal Court Judge

Lawrence G. Morales

Alternate Judge

Alfredo M. Tavera

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China Grove Municipal Court

2412 FM 1516 South

China Grove, TX 78263


Phone Number:

(210) 648 - 4923


Fax Number:

(210) 648 - 6713